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September 5th-7th, 2019

As the highest peak of the country, Mount Kenya stand for many things: A unique natural reserve, an important national heritage site, and last but not least a symbol for the independence of the nation. Climbing Mount Kenya teaches you the beauty of our country and gives you a great feeling of achievement when you stand on the top.

It's not only in nature that we face Mount Kenya. Our life is full of small and big mountains that need to be overcome and conquered. Amidst all the struggle and hardship it's sometimes difficult to see the beauty that surrounds us. People with intellectual disabilities encounter particular mountains every day, that for many others seem to be a flat piece of land. On the other hand, those people can sometimes help us get over a challenge that seems to overpower us.

L'Arche Kenya wants to make known the gifts of these people and. We'd like to demonstrate this by climbing Mount Kenya with some of our core members together with friends and supporters. We want to use this occasion to raise funds to improve and extend our workshops to help generate some more income that allows us to overcome some of our daily mountains. 

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