Stop Coronavirus

stop coronovirus

61 families with children with disabilities that we visited last week expressed a great desire to protect themselves against CIVID-19 by washing their hands, maintaining physical distance and staying at home. However, they are challenged because they lack basic commodities like soap, they cannot access their workplaces and therefore they are unable to access foodstuff. Their children are in great need of medication, but without jobs, they are not able to provide. 

By teaming up with L’Arche Kenya, we can enable these families to overcome these hurdles and stay safe. You can donate foodstuff and cash in the drop boxes placed at Jamaa Supermarket Nyahururu.

We invite you to help a family with members with disabilities to remain home and stay safe.

From the comfort of your home, you could easily save a life by contributing through MPESA:

Paybill: 646457
Account Name: STOP CORONA

Let us know who you are and fill out a donation form!

Marleen Crafts

The Marleen Project is an income-generating activity of L’Arche Kenya. The project consists of 2 production workshops where persons coming from vulnerable groups are trained to become professional artisans. Through the training, they gain skills in leatherworks or woodcarving that enable them to derive an income.

In addition, the products made by people with intellectual disabilities during their occupational therapy are also sold in the Marleen Crafts Shop together with an assortment of other African artefacts. The profit generated by the sales of the items supports activities of L’Arche Kenya.

The attractive shop is located in the centre of Nyahururu. 

In 2002 a young Dutch volunteer, Marleen Bannink, was volunteering at St. Martin CSA. At the same time that Marleen Crafts was founded, she tragically passed away in a car accident. The project was thus named in her hour honour and memory.

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