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Local Currency


Pay Bill Number: 646457


  • Invoice number if paying against an invoice,
  • Donations if you wish to make a general donation
  • Ticket type for “#UpMountKenyaByWheelchair” tickets, or 
  • Team name if you wish to sponsor a team under “#UpMountKenyaByWheelchair”.

You don't not what this all is talking about? See our 2019 fundraising campaign!

Bank Account

Account name: L'Arche Kenya
P.O. Box 2100, 20300 Nyahurur, Kenya

P.O. Box 307, 20300 Nyahururu, Kenya

Branch: Nyahururu Branch


Account Number: 01100036201600

Foreign Currencies

Account Name: L’Arche  Kenya
Postal Address: 2100 - 20300   
Place: Nyahururu - Kenya
Account Number EURO: 010 000 258 5655
Account Number USD: 010 000 258 5663


Bank Name: CFC STANBIC BANK                  
Bank Code: 31000
Branch Code:  31004
Branch Postal Address: 30550 - 00100
Place: Nairobi
Bank Branch: Waiyaki Way Branch
Country: Kenya


You can make a donation via PayPal using the system of L'Arche International

  1. Visit the L’Arche international Solidarity website
  2. Indicate the amount you want to donate.
  3. Select the third button “A specific L'Arche community or project”- Please indicate details in the comment box below the button.  Remember to indicate L’Arche Kenyian the comments below and also indicate either the purpose to which you wish your donation to be put or the reason for payment.  Examples are: „climb mount Kenya”, “or other operational costs of the community”. 
  4. Click on “Pay Securely” to proceed to “PAYBOX”. Fill in your card details.  
  5. Click on “VALIDER” to make the payment.