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“Leo hajajifunua sana, nimeamka kumfunika tu mara moja (Today, he hasn’t uncovered himself so much, I only woke up to cover him once.)” says Paul as I enter their room to give the morning support. Paul is referring to Moses Kimani whom he shares a room. Paul is a core member with epilepsy and for many people, He is a receiver of care, but for Moses Kimani Paul is a giver of care.

From the day Moses joined Betania home one year ago, Paul has made it his personal responsibility to look after Kimani as he refers to him as his younger brother. Paul has made a personal effort to learn from the assistants how they support Kimani and even asks for a chance to support Kimani in intimate care in the presence of an assistant, just to be sure that he is doing it right. Many are the times he has sacrificed his sleep to ensure that Kimani doesn’t catch a cold at night as Kimani from time to time uncovers himself while sleeping. He has become famous for his phrase: “Siwezi taka brathe apate homa kwaajili ya kujifunua usiku( I wouldn’t want my brother to catch a cold from uncovering himself at night)”

Kimani has not been the only beneficiary of Paul’s care, the other core members and assistants are also of his concern. Paul is very keen to help where his help is needed. He will not just watch as others struggle with something, he can comfortably do, He is proactive and always steps in to give his support e.g using his height to help other members to reach items, emptying the dustbin, folding Musa’s and Kimani’s cloths, tying Musa’s shoe laces, supporting Kimani in feeding, the list is endless. He has also been a very strong advocate against the wastage of food. He has in many ways encouraged and inspired the assistants to continue working hard.

Paul has given us a chance to look beyond his disability by showing us what he can do and how much of a resource to the home he can be. He has taught us that if we focus too much on someone’s weaknesses we stand a high chance of missing out on his strengths.


  • Effatha and Betania Home

    effatha home

    At the centre of L'Arche Kenya are the two homes, Effatha and Betania, where people with intellectual disabilities live and work together with their assistants. The core members find there a safe and supportive environment that allows them to pursue their own interests and grow. The homes also serve as a showpiece to the communities an how to give people with disabilities a normal and dignified life.

  • Occupational Therapy Workshops


    L’Arche Kenya also implements an occupational therapy programme that provides adults with intellectual disabilities with a meaningful engagement while nurturing their gifts. Currently, the organization supports 33 adults in various workshops. candle-making workshop, craft workshop, sensory workshop, kitchen and catering workshop, cleaning workshop and carpentry workshop. These workshops give persons with intellectual disabilities with real-life work experience and prepare them for integration into employment.

  • Disability Outreach Programme

    outreach 2

    The Disability Outreach Programme links the organization to the local community by providing spaces for PWIDs to make known their gifts and offering services to children, youth and adults with various disabilities. Some of the activities include:

    • Advocacy forums at the grassroots level to advocate for the inclusion of persons with disabilities
    • Community engagement and mobilization to address the issues  that persons with disabilities encounter
  • Social Enterprise


    L’Arche Kenya runs a social enterprise that aims at providing the organization with some level of financial sustainability as well as showcasing the gifts of our core-members through internal work placement. The projects include the Marleen gift shop, a bakery, the Maranatha welcome and rescue unit, a leather workshop,a  poultry project, and a vegetable farm.

  • Marleen Crafts



    marlene crafts

    At Marleen Crafts, we sell the produce of your social enterprise.

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