Choosing our leaders: Assistants and Core Members experiences (2 of 2)


Before voting

Gathoni (a core member) was well prepared for the elections and was very eager to vote. She was well aware of the assistant supporting her and she kept saying it especially when asked. At some point she was even convinced that she is voting for me (the one supporting her) but she later understood that the assistant was only for support.

The night before we spent the night in Betania so as to be near our polling station and this further increased the excitement since she was able to understand that it’s just a night between her and voting.

In the morning she was up early and ready for voting. On our way to the polling station she kept asking about the other core-members, where they are and if they are voting too. She seemed really concerned and wanted all of them to vote.

During voting

When we arrived it was very easy to trace her line because there were some people to guide us. We were given priority on the line so we entered inside the voting hall. The identification before casting the vote was quite easy and in a few minutes we had the voting forms.                                                                                     

Selection of the candidates was a bit hard at the beginning because she kept telling me that she is voting for James (an assistant close to her). So I had to first explain to her again and also mention the names of the people in the ballot paper. From that she was able to focus and the rest of the selection was easy.

As she dropped the forms on the ballot boxes, she seemed excited. I was not in the same voting stream with her so I had to go find my line too. The process was still the same since I was also given priority for her sake.

After voting

Gathoni was happy to tell some people she is close too and also those who asked her about her experience. She was also interested to know if the other core-members made it to voting. However, she didn’t seem interested in the results of the elections but we updated her anyway.

Supporting Gathoni was smooth and interesting.

Article done by Joan.