Easter Holidays with Alina

by Janet Kabugua

Easter holiday was a holiday of its kind in Effatha and also to Marleen people, who, during this time had a lot to celebrate about especially the presence of one of the volunteer from France, Alina.

During this holiday much took place; the way of the cross celebrated from Effatha to the cathedral and participated by many people especially from the local parish, the masses at Effatha and Flora farm and also the long holiday days we were granted.

During all those moments we took every opportunity to share as much as possible with our friend Alina and to learn as well from her since she had a lot to offer.

Alina is a lady with a great Spirit full of humility, devotion and patience. As Marleen community we highly felt her presence and during her departure it was a sad moment for us as a community. She devoted her time in the bakery workshop and therefore we had much time to interact and share about the communities in France, her experience in Kenya and more to enjoy her cookies. Not to mention her input and participation during the pilgrimage especially in the drama.

What was even more special is the fact that the Effatha community and their guests fr Gabriel’s sister ,husband and children, Talitha Kum and the centers were to have an outing on the last day Alina was with us. We visited the hells gate, the rock climbers had a good moment of showing their courage by climbing one of the sharp rock in Naivasha.

The day was full of fun at the same time sadness to know that those were the last hours we will see Alina, before she departed for the airport the same with this lovely couple. At the end of the outing we celebrated mass at the venue where we had lunch, where in this case was the bush. The presence of the baboons made the whole event livelier and we called the occasion ‘mass at the bush’.

It has been a long while since Alina left Effatha and Marleen but her presence is highly missed by every person here. More so the bakery workshop, especially since she was among the first people to come to the new bakery workshop here at Marleen.