L'Arche Kenya goes national

By Peter Mwangi

L’Arche Kenya’s “acting last born” core members are two months old. They are Claude, Dennis and Daniel.

They were officially welcomed in the community on 28th June 2013 during a colourful community gathering though Claude and Daniel had already been with us for about two weeks.

In the short period they have been with us, they have injected fresh blood into the community.

Like new born babies, they have made us aware of the many beautiful things that happen around us each day but over time have become the norm.

Through this recruitment, L’Arche Kenya has also become a more national outfit. One of the core members has his roots over five hundred kilometers from the “home” area of L’Arche Kenya. L’Arche Kenya is based in Nyahururu in the central part of Kenya whereas Claude comes from Taveta in the South East part of Kenya near the coast. He is from a community from which no one of us in their wildest of dreams could have probably dreamt a core member of L’Arche Kenya could come from. Amongst the core members, we now boast of having gone across Kenya since we already had core members from the extreme western part of Kenya with the majority coming from the central part of the country.

Assistants are not taking it lying down either. We have representation in assistants from across the country from the extreme West to the Coast. In fact within a month of opening our doors to Claude from the coast an assistant; Dafton, applied for experience from this same place and was successiful.

And as if this is not enough, the federation has also called us to announce L’Arche regionally and nationally as we mark the 50th anniversary next year.

I feel that the ambassadors are now in place. We now only need to prepare and roll out the awareness plan. At this rate, L’Arche Kenya will have no challenge communicating to each one in Kenya in their mother tongue.

I feel privileged to be in L’Arche Kenya at this moment in time to experience these developments. I also hope that the trend continues as it will help build trust and friendships by giving a chance to demystify the “other one” a common phenomenon in the political situation through the close contact I must have with them.