L'Arche Family Day 2015

L’Arche Family Day 2015

By Peter Mwangi

This year, L’Arche Kenya joined other communities in the world in celebrating the L’Arche Family Day. The theme of this year and the guideline provided by the Federation on ”forgiveness and reconciliation” was found very useful and opportune.

Though we were not able to celebrate on the 3rd of October, we decided to spread the message throughout the whole month. Each week we celebrated mass and reflected on a chapter of the guideline.

The celebrations culminated in a two day event held in Catholic Tabor Hill Spirituality Center. We had a beautiful time to reminiscence about forgiveness in our community and to reconcile with each other.  By the end of the celebration, we all agreed that the parable of the prodical son represented to us the "parable of the forgiving father".

Below are some of the images that were generated by the team of core members.


Alex's reflection