My home coming

My home coming

My name is Christopher.  I am 32years old.  I have down’s syndrome.  I am very excited because this weekend I will be visiting my father from my community of L’Arche Kenya.  I will go all by myself.  I will also take home for my father, a packet of sugar and a loaf of bread.  I am sure he will be very happy to see me. I will also meet so many of my old friends. 

Before I joined L’Arche Kenya I lived with my father in the village 65km away from Nyahururu.  I had many friends. I liked to visit them a lot.  So much so that some of them took advantage of me.  They asked me to work for them for less than justified pay.  I also used to stay out until late in the night and my father had trouble keeping track of me.  He was always worried for my safety when I came home late.  He was never sure whether I had enough to eat. 


However, he had no way of controlling me.  He spent a lot of time trying to provide for me.

One day, one of my good friends asked me whether I would be happy to join the community of L’Arche Kenya.  I was scared but I accepted because I hoped to travel far from my home and to make many other new friends.  And in the year 2011, I finally travelled 65km from home and joined the community.

At first I was very scared because I did not know many people there.  But gradually I made many new friends.  I learnt how to do many things like baking of cakes, cooking, making furniture from cartons, making candles, washing my clothes, brushing my shoes, crossing roads full of cars etc.

I also go to church and sometimes I have a chance to greet the people.

Every day I work in a house called Maranatha.  There we receive many guests.  I and my colleagues make sure that the house is clean, the beds are made, the meals are nice and that the guests are happy.

On Monday morning, hope to come back very early in the morning to report to my workplace.