Dear Lord,

By Esther Wanjiku.

Dear Lord,

As we forgive, forgive us too

We need your mercy more than before

Give us thy loving care

Never abandon us to despair

Yesterday’s wrongs would lead us to right

Make us more perfect in thy light

Teach us to live as best as we can

Use our capability to change others

Save us from actions of bitter shame

And help us live for you




L'Arche Kenya workshops - an assistants perspective

By Patrick Ndahi

No man is an island, the saying goes. But one would rather be an island than live in a world where he or she is not entitled to free enjoyment of his or her right to become, and to belong. This then brings the essence of L’Arche mission, “making known the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities,”meant to promote peaceful and healthy living among people with and without intellectual disabilities in the society.

L'Arche Kenya goes national

By Peter Mwangi

L’Arche Kenya’s “acting last born” core members are two months old. They are Claude, Dennis and Daniel.

They were officially welcomed in the community on 28th June 2013 during a colourful community gathering though Claude and Daniel had already been with us for about two weeks.

Our relationship with money

By Peter Mwangi

Last week a middle aged man contributed Kenya shillings 20.00 (€0.20) during a small Christian community meeting. The other members of the meeting cheered and clapped in happiness. You may wonder why they were so touched at a contribution of such a small amount?

Here is why...

... Some fruits of friendship

By Peter Mwangi

On Sunday, 2nd June 2013, a member of L’Arche Kenya community; Rachael, left the country for the United Kingdom, Brecon L’Arche community in Wales. This was a culmination of several weeks of preparation for the same.

This is not the first time that this has happened. In the past L’arche Brecon has given out two of its assistants on a capacity building mission in L’Arche Kenya. The mission was intended to last for three years but shows all the signs of continuing indefinitely. This is because of the friendship that developed between the two communities and between individuals.