Feet On The Ground 2012 - Kenya

Simona Atzori visits Kenya for the second time. Members of the Fontana Foundation accompany her and try to bring awareness to St. Martin's centre located in Nyahururu, Africa. The centre's slogan is "Only Through Community".

Feet On The Ground 2012 - KenyaFrom January 27 to February 4, there will be a daily video diary available entitled Feet On The Ground.
This is an opportunity to showcase the African community we've been working with for over 10 years.
St. Martin Centre's mission is to build relationships and encourage involvement from the people within the community. The limitations and hardships of these people have brought the community together and their tireless efforts have transformed into change and hope. With this positive energy and strength, we believe there is enormous potential for growth, leading to a bright future for all.

Note: all videos are in italian.

2011 in L'Arche Kenya


If we need to find one phrase which would summarize last year in our community it would be: year of growth and welcome.

Karibu Mathenge

by Joseph Mathenge

I was born in Nakuru district.

Karibu Enrico

by Enrico Calvanese

My name is Enrico, but Kababa has already given me a kikuyu name: Koko.


Our Daily Life

By Janet Kabugua

L'Arche Kenya is the youngest of the L'Arche communities in Africa and it has not only been a home for the people with disabilities but also a place where they learn, share and show their talents and gifts.